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Online Art Classes

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At Color Your Canvas(CYC) art classes, we are passionate about nurturing creativity and empowering individuals to express their ideas through art. Our diverse range of art forms and comprehensive teaching approach set the stage for a transformative artistic journey. While maintaining each art form's distinct and powerful identity, we focus on drawing fundamentals from basics to advance.

A Tailored Approach to Learning

We believe that every artist is unique, and that's why our syllabus is personalized to suit your age, experience, interests, and growth trajectory. Our curriculum is designed to take you from the fundamentals to advanced techniques

Our Offerings:
Explore the Artistic Spectrum​

01. Pencil Shading

02. Charcoal Drawing

03. Colored Pencil Shading

04. Pastel Drawing: soft and oil

05. Ink Drawing : pen and brush

06. Acrylic Painting

07. Water Colors

08. Oil Painting 

09. Poster Colors

10. Gouache

11. Portrait

12. Hatching

13. Stippling

14. Scribble Drawing

15. Still Life Drawing

16. Landscape

17. Illustrations

18. Digital Art (Procreate) 

19. Figure Drawing 

20. Mandala Design

21. Folk Art

22. Mixed Media...

Online Art Class Details

Duration :

  • 1 hour session every week (optional 15-minute extension for additional support)

Schedule : 

  • Day : Monday to Friday 

  • Time : 5:00 PM - 7:00 PM PST

Format : 

  • Our classes are conducted through live video sessions hosted on our dedicated online platform. You'll have the opportunity to interact with the instructor and fellow students in real time. Each session includes demonstrations, step-by-step instructions, and personalized feedback on your work.

Syllabus : 

  • The syllabus for each student will be customized according to their age and level of experience.

Pricing : 

  • Our classes are offered at the rate of $20 per session, billed on a monthly basis.

Performance-Based Grading and Advancement System :

  • Our assessment structure relies on student performance and facilitates their advancement to the next level. Furthermore, we offer certificates and recognition letters to acknowledge and honor their accomplishments.

How To Enroll?

Enrollment Form :

  • Submit online form and fill out the required fields accurately. For questions please contact through contact us form, email or social media platforms. 

Next Steps : 

  • The administration team will initiate contact to facilitate your class registration process with 24-48 hours

  • Teacher Assignment : Once registered, each student will be paired with a dedicated art teacher.

  • Course Curriculum : The assigned teacher will collaborate with you to tailor your personalized art syllabus and provide a comprehensive list of required materials for the classes.

  • Schedule confirmation : After curriculum customization, the administration team will finalize the class schedule and timings, confirming the details with you

  • Payment and Access Information: As the class date approaches, you will receive details regarding payment information and your class login credentials

  • Class Day : On the scheduled class day and time, log in to the online class platform using the provided credentials

  • Engage and Learn : Participate actively in the class, engage with the instructor and fellow students, and immerse yourself in the learning experience

  • Post Class interactions : After the class, feel free to reach out to art teachers for any questions, additional resource and support 

Remember, communication is key. If you encounter any issues, have questions, or need assistance at any point, don't hesitate to reach out to the course administrator or assigned teachers. They will be more than happy to help you make the most of your online art class experience.

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